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Plaza del Mediodía 3
E-07180 El Toro / Mallorca
Tel. (0034) 971 234 016
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HASENA Soft-line series - modern beds of laminated MDF HASENA Top-line - modern beds of laminated MDF HASENA Wood-line wild - beds of solid beeach, heart beech and heart ash HASENA Fine-line - beds of solid beech and walnut HASENA Oak-line wild - beds of solid wild oak HASENA Selection & Romantic HASENA Boxspring - the modular boxspring system HASENA quality mattresses

The wonderful world of dream beds from

For more than 50 years now the Swiss company HASENA has been manufacturing high-quality, trendy innovative and affordable wooden beds and bedroom furniture. Their quality-consciousness, innovative power, perfection in craftsmanship, and price-consciousness have made them one of the biggest manufacturers of bed systems in Europe.

Proud to be the exclusive distributor on Mallorca of this well-known brand it is our pleasure to present the complete range of Hasena beds:

  • Soft-Line
  • Movie-Line
  • Top-Line
  • Factory-Line
  • Wood-Line
  • Wood-Wild
  • Fine-Line
  • Oak-Line
  • Oak-Wild
  • Dream-Line
  • Selection - Romantic
  • Function & Comfort
  • Boxspring
  • Slatted frames
  • Mattresses

Important notice:

Because of a different size philosophy between Spain and Central Europe normal Spanish slatted bases do not fit into HASENA beds. We therefore strongly recommend the use of HASENA slatted frames and mattresses in all HASENA beds.

HASENA Movie-line - modern beds of laminated MDF HASENA Factory-line - beds of acacia in vintage style HASENA Wood-line wild - beds of solid wild beech HASENA Oak-line - beds of solid oak HASENA Dream-line - upholstered beds HASENA Function & Comfort - functional single and guest beds HASENA comfort slatted bases