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Boxspring beds from HASENA

'factory' line

The base of the 'factory' line is the Factory-Box 26 which has a a fir/spruce wood frame with a pocket spring core with 7 zones and 324 springs per lying area (100x200) on a 10 cm wood socket and is available in the following sizes:

L \ W [cm] 90 100 120 140 160 180 200
200 --- --- --- x / xx xx xx xx
210 --- --- --- x / xx xx xx xx
220 --- --- --- x / xx xx xx xx

x = single box xx = split box --- = not available

There is the option of a motorized version with radio remote control:

There is range of 10 cm feet as well as headboards to complete the bed.

The mattress can be chosen from one of the three pcket springs models Rubino, Opalin and Perla or the HR-foam model Victoria.

Toppers are Primo, Comfort, Visco 6, Visco 8 and Premium.

Wooden and metaL parts are made in these colours:

Please note that not all parts are available in every colour. Details can be found in the respective catalogues!

 wood and metal finishes

Fabrics for upholstered items:

 fabric group 3  fabric group 3

Beispielkombinationen (Rahmen - Füsse - Kopfteil):