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Wood-Line/wood wild beds from HASENA

The Wood-Line series from HASENA is made of laminated blockboard beech, heart beech and heart ash:

Wood line colours

It offers the choice between three bed frames with rectangular profile, 'classic 16', 'premium 18' and 'premium 23':

Wood-line frames

Furthermore there is a frame made from wild beech:

Wood wild beech colour

the 'solido 23'.

Wood wild frame Solido 23

As within the whole HASENA range there are numerous combinations of bedframe, feet and headboards as well as bedside tables, chests of drawers and other accessories. If there is a need for storage, the bedframes can be installed on top of the 'practico' socket with lift-up slats:

Fabrics for upholstered items:

 fabrics group 2  fabrics group 3  fabrics group 3  fabrics group 4 Leder

Sample combinations (base - feet - headboard):