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Boxspring beds from HASENA

'inside' line

The 'inside' line is designed for all those who like the traditional appearance of a bed with its bed frame but do not want to miss the comfort of a boxspring bed.

The base of the 'inside' line is the Box-Inside 14 and has 403 pocket springs per per lying area 100x200 cm, divided in 7 zones. It is made in widths of 90, 100, 120, 140, 160, 180, 200cm and lengths of 200, 210 and 220cm. As of 160cm width it comes split in two parts.

The base can be hosted by any bedframe of at least 16cm height (recommended 18 cm).

In addition HASENA offers the following three bed frames of 23 cm height in combination with several headboards especially designed to host this base.

Sample combinations (base - feet - headboard):